IPLC, MPLS & Internet Solution We provide customized telecommunication solutions, which give organizations an edge in business. Our solutions, apart from being innovative, are also flexible, scalable and robust.

IPLC-International Private Leased Circuit
Corporate communications networks that can communicate information efficiently and reliably have become essential as the backbone of management strategy.
  • Highly safe and reliable: end-to-end physical isolation, customer dedicated bandwidth and protection.
  • Support a variety of services: supporting data, video, voice and other business transmission.
  • Speed diversity: communication speed can be variable according to need among 512K, 1M, T1, E1, E3, upto OC3 Point to Point IPLC
  • Self-managed IP environment: completely transparent IP address and internal routing, enabling customers to carry out self-management.
  • HK – China, Taiwan, Asia, US & Europe IPLC service

MPLS VPN-Multi Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network "Future-proof" the architecture of your network so it can respond rapidly to changing business needs (e.g. New services, latency sensitive traffic, bandwidth intensive traffic, VoIP, video).
  • Better performance: Uses Classes of Service (CoS/QoS) and priority queuing so your network knows which traffic is most important and ensures that it takes priority over other traffic.
  • Depending on your current enterprise class network, you can reduce your on-going WAN operating costs by up to 50%, while maintaining a high level of reliability and service.
  • Speed diversity: communication speed can be variable according to need among 512K, 1M, T1, E1, upto OC3 Mashed VPN
  • HK – China, Taiwan, Asia, US & Europe MPLS service

Internet It is a wide global network that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies.
  • 1.5 - 100M ADSL/VDSL Internet
  • 2M – 1G DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) with 8 – 1 Class C fixed IP

Local Loop
  • 2M – 1G ME / GE / MSTP

Local & International Carrier Partner for IPLC, MPLS & Internet Local Carrier Partner : Wharf T&T, HGC, NWT, HKBN
China Carrier Partner : 中国电信 , 中国联通 , 中国移动 ,南凌科技 , 广电网络 , 上海数码通网络 , 上海263网络 , 上海飞信网络 , 世纪互联网络
Oversea Carrier Partner : PCCW Global , FET , Chief Telecom , Equinix , GTT , He.net , T System , NTTC, PACNET, SINGTEL, Verzion….etc

HK & China Carrier Partner for T1 / E1 IDA-P, DDI, CO Hunting Line, Direct Telephone Line Hong Kong : PCCW, WT&T, HGC, NWT, HKBN
China : China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile